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Barre Y Lane Communications helps protect your business from disaster and helps back up data when you need it most.

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Reliable data recovery and business continuity in Virginia

Will your business survive a fire, flood, theft, ransomware, or even a server crash?

A high percentage of Companies that suffer a major data loss shut their doors within five years. Your Virginia business is too vital to leave to chance.

Data Loss - Prevention and Recovery

What would happen to your business if you suddenly lost access to your applications and data? How much recovery time can you afford before you see a significant deterioration in your customer service or cash flow?

Backups should include:

  1. Computer operating systems and all their subsequent patch updates
  2. Business applications and all their subsequent patch updates
  3. Business data

Backups should exist:

  1. Locally for the incidental deletions or minor corruptions
  2. Replicated remotely for major disasters such as fire, flooding, tornados, theft, and ransomware.

You should be able to automatically restore:

  1. Computer operating systems and all their subsequent patch updates
  2. Business applications and all their subsequent patch updates
  3. Business data
Data Backup Recovery Error
Loosing data can cost your company millions or even closure.
Prod Recovery Series
We can install your company a secure, in-house backup server or a cloud back up solution.

Advanced Business Continuity Solutions

If you have to manually restore your computers’ operating systems and the all the patch updates plus the business applications and application updates before you can load your business data, you may find your recovery time going well past your recovery window. You can find yourself losing customers and then your business.

Barre Y Lane Communications specializes in making sure your data is safe and secure. We are not here to provide your business with a quick, cheap solution. We are here to provide proven, successful, and reliable backup systems.

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Elements of a Data Backup & Recovery

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Data Backup + Recovery Features

In-house backup & recovery solutions icon

In-house Backup
& Recovery Solutions

We help secure your business's network, data, and servers by detecting internal threats that firewalls and anti-viruses can’t.

Cloud & disaster recovery icon

Cloud & Disaster Recovery

Fires, natural disasters, and theft can cause havoc for your business if you don't have off site backups. We can work with you on a online backup solution so you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe.

Compliance & security icon

Compliance & Security

Through Barre Y Lane services and Unitrends products, we can make sure your entire network is secure and meets all security standards.

Analytics and reports icon

Analytics and Reports

Get detailed reports with proactive monitoring of your backups and more importantly when a security.

Questions to ask yourself...

  • Do you back up multiple times a day?
  • Are all of your applications and settings backing up?
  • Do you know the financial costs to your business from data loss due to downtime?
  • Do you have a dedicated storage solution for backing up your data?
  • Is your critical data backed up offsite? If so, is it encrypted?
  • Has your backup system been tested and verified by a specialists?
  • Do you have annual recovery tests to help verify your system integrity?

Survive data disasters with advanced backups from Barre Y Lane Communications

Disasters can happen at anytime — bad weather, employee theft, and even a simple accidental data loss. But your Virginia Business should have to suffer. A Barre Y Lane Communications data back up and recovery solution will safely protect your valuable data and promptly recover it if necessary.

Back Up Everything

It's not just your documents that require backing up. Your entire system, settings, and applications are equally as important. We offer full system recovery solutions that will back up and restore all operating system files, security patches, applications, and settings. No need to spend hours reinstalling your OS and applications from scratch. We back up everything and can restore it in a fraction of the time.

Continuous Backup Technology

We can implement continuous backup technology and Barre Y Lane can identify your exposure to internal and external threats. We will create a plan to prevent data loss and guarantee successful data recovery.

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Always Safe and Secure.

Don't loose sleep.
Keep your data safe.

Ask how we can make this happen!

Always Safe And Secure

Backup & Recovery

Service & Support

We can work with many different backup technologies to help create and store copies of data that can be used to protect your business against data loss. We can help recovery from a backup by restoring your data to its original location, or to a different location.

Need help backing up your data?

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We Setup Data Backup Systems for Tidewater, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville

Helping Virginia businesses backup their data for over 20 years.

Barre Y Lane Communications is located in Central Virginia but our services extend to Charlottesville and Tidewater. Plus, it doesn't matter if you are in the city, suburbs, or country, we provide data backup and recovery solutions based on your industry, local network, and much more.

Contact us today and we will provide your business with a backup and recovery audit. We'll provide you with backup solutions that will protect your business from disasters and make you work more efficiently. We can also help with a data backup recovery solution that specializes in an ever increasing mobile workforce.

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