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Kevin's remarkable sales and account management skills built a successful out-of-region data communications services business [ US WEST !nterprise Networking®] from nothing, and against great odds. Kevin's ability to honestly care about the problems of the executives to whom he sells builds trust and loyalty in the most senior of clients.

Eric Tompkins Operational Risk Management Lead, Customer Value Partners.

Kevin is an exceptional individual with which to work, both as a colleague and as a client. His integrity, intelligence and commitment to excellence consistently lead to outstanding results.

I have known Kevin for over 10 years and am honored to provide an unequivocal endorsement for his professionalism.

Bruce Slough Project Manager, Magellan Health Services

Kevin wears many hats and wears them all well. Over the seven years or so that I have known Kevin I have found him to be completely reliable and always paying attention, not only to the big picture, but also to the most minor details of any task he takes on.

If Kevin is on your team, you have a winner.

Canova Peterson Architect, Canova Associates Architecture (Hanover County Board of Supervisors.)

Kevin is a solid IT professional that any small business should get to know. Whether you need a new phone system for your growing company, or require data storage solutions, Kevin offers the most efficient and cost effective alternatives available and will support your needs after the sell.

I highly encourage you to reach out to Barry Y Lane Communications for IT support as your business grows.

Carl Pearson Vice President Sales, East Region at ClearPointt, LLC

I have known Kevin Smyth and Barre Y Lane Communications since 2003 when he helped us resolve a thorny communications issue between buildings separated by a Norfolk Southern railroad right-a-way. He researched various alternatives which would enable our company to install our network and include the facilities that were on the wrong side of the tracks (so to speak). The ultimate solution was elegant yet simple.

We are the operators of our computer systems and networks as well as the owner. Our mission is trucking and computers help us accommodate that mission. Kevin's solution allowed us to continue that tradition. Kevin provides excellent support, trustworthy advice, and is more than willing to answer inquiries and offer his expertise.

Recently, he installed a lower cost telephone system that has the features of the expensive systems and works with superb clarity and reliability. Even though we did not source every purchase through Barre Y Lane, Kevin has maintained the relationship with our company, something not many Account Executives do today.

Stan Grochowski, Jr. CPA Controller, Atlantic Holding Corporation of Virginia

I came to know Kevin through my position at the City of Alexandria as a Network Engineer. There was a need to have Ethernet connectivity between two buildings but without the high cost of running fiber underground.

Kevin's Terrabeam Gigalink solution was the perfect fit. He and his colleagues worked it all out and once installed the connection never went down, even through Hurricane Isabel. When there was an issue, Kevin did not hesitate to assist, even driving up from Richmond.

We have since upgraded our equipment with his Bridgewave radio and it preforms as advertised. He is also great at taking clients to lunch. A real dedicated businessman that I highly recommend. Add him to your team before someone else does.

Marlon Bundy Network Engineer, The City of Alexandria.

Since its founding, Agilex Technologies has experienced rapid growth. When I needed to quickly establish a high speed network bridge between our headquarters and another site within our business park, wireless was my only short term option.

After extensive research, I decided upon BridgeWave's 60 GHz wireless bridges to quickly provide us with the bandwidth and reliability that we needed. I contacted BridgeWave and they put me in touch with Kevin Smyth. They explained that Kevin was their "Go To" installer in my region.

It didn't take long for me to see why. Kevin worked with us to quickly and professionally provide an overview of our options, conduct a thorough site survey to ensure the success of the project, and install the BridgeWave radios all within our very short timeline.

The solution is so reliable that we have been able to utilize it for applications such as VoIP communication between sites, while providing enough bandwidth to our data center to meet even our most demanding project needs.

Russ Topping Director, IT Infrastructure & Security, Agilex Technologies

Kevin helped us to design and implement a gigabit wireless solution on campus that not only met our needs perfectly but saved us a lot of money in the process. He was present every step of the way from design and recommendations to wearing a hard hat for the install. He also connected us with vendor resources for warranty registration and extended support.

Kevin not only did a terrific job of defining requirements and completing the tasks for the project, but also followed up with us months later to ask about our experience with the equipment and to answer any questions. When we needed to add a second wireless link the following year, we knew who to call.

Joshua Watts Senior Network Engineer, Entec Systems Inc.

When I inherited the network at MPM, I was immediately confronted with the daunting task of maintaining a backup system consisting of nine DAT tape drives, three different backup software solutions, more than 250 tapes in rotation, and an unreliable and unsecure off-site storage process.

We upgraded the system described above with a Unitrends RC-612 Backup Appliance coupled with a Unitrends RXDA Archiving Appliance.

This comprehensive system enables us to:

1) Move away from tapes and implement disk-to-disk backup

2) Have a standard backup software across the enterprise

3) Meet government compliance requirements for HIPAA Experience faster backups and restores.

4) Schedule backups through simple, user-friendly interface.

5) Have a scalable, disaster recovery solution to accommodate data growth

6) Have a solid disaster recovery solution that ensures business continuity and a rapid return to operations in the event of a disaster.

7) Provide mailbox and message level backup of Exchange Server database

We now perform a full backup of each of our Windows and HP-UX servers, and a bare-metal backup of each Windows server once a week. Each month we replace this encrypted archive disk with a fresh disk, and then take the old disk to our off-site storage location. These capabilities have greatly reduced the administrative overhead incurred with our former system.

Chris Wilkinson Network Manager, Medical Practice Management, Inc.

Thank you for your support this past year.

I am not aware of anyone who may be shopping or even in the market for a new phone system or backup device. BUT I will recommend you if the occasion permits and I am willing to help in any way, such as introductions, recommendations or conversations.

I believe we made two of the best business decisions with the selection of the Unitrends backup appliance and the Digium Switchvox telephone system.

Stan Grochowski, Jr. CPA Controller, Atlantic Holding Corporation of Virginia

I went through four previous business telephone installations at different companies. They were all very painful, drawn-out and costly experiences.

The Digium Switchvox installation by Barre Y Lane Communications was well planned, well executed, well documented, and pain free. Subsequent support has been superlative. We have been extremely pleased with the quality and features this phone system offers. The Digium Switchvox stacks up well against the larger telephone system vendors but without the cost.

Ken Lawson Controller, Hi-Tech Asphalt Solutions

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your experienced opinions and expertise in working with Comcast customers. In today's environment, decision makers are tasked with multiple problems and are overwhelmed with possible solutions. Having you as an independent resource is invaluable. You are able to break down the current client issues in easy information to understand but more importantly your knowledge allows you to come up with a powerful solution.

The feedback from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate your ability to deliver a powerful solution, allowing them to focus on the productivity of their business.

Kevin, thank you again for your professionalism, integrity, and ability to sort out problems in order to provide my clients with a positive outcome.

Dani Byerly Senior Business Account Manager, Comcast Business Class

Hanover Safe Place was in desperate need of a new phone system. Our current system was out-dated and unreliable. We were overwhelmed and confused with where to start. With so many options, we weren't sure what to utilize that would best serve our unique needs.

Kevin took the time to meet with our staff, understand our company and design a system that provided us with a wide range of options that worked well with our needs but were also cost effective to our budget. We are confident that we have a phone system that meets our current needs and can grow with us into the future.

We also received extensive training so that we can best use our phone system. Kevin kept track of contractors and kept us informed every step of the way.

We are so happy with our new system; it meets all our needs (and then some!). I can't believe we put off purchasing a new system as long as we did. Working with Barre Y Lane Communications was easy- and Kevin helped us every step of the way. Thank you to Kevin for making the process so easy and giving us a product that we can use for many years to come!